Hardwood Dice Tray - Large Round

Sale price$100.00

Treat your dice to the king of all dice trays, Crafted out of 100% hardwood the Claw & Crown tabletop dice tray has a 10-inch diameter rolling surface to contain even the wildest rolls. Featuring an engraved C&C logo, hand-crafted details, a glass-like rubber bottom, and one-of-a-kind wood grain, these wooden works of art will grab the attention of anyone you meet along your adventure. The large size of the tabletop dice tray makes it perfect for sharing with the whole party or when you want to give your most critical rolls a little more room. Choose the one that catches your eye and prepare for battle!

Material: Maple
Style: Large

The Throne Your Dice Deserve

Roll in style and keep your dice in play with a hardwood dice tray. Each one features hand-crafted details and one-of-a-kind wood grain. Our dice tray will make all of your rolls feel like they have an advantage. Are you looking to summon a custom one into this world? Our custom dice tray process walks you through every step and gives you the ability to decide every detail.

Crafted from The Finest Materials

Our master craftsmen start by hand-selecting hardwood boards, turning that tree into what it always dreamed it could be: a one-of-a-kind, heirloom dice tray. The transformation is truly magical. 

We only use sustainably sourced FAS grade lumber, the highest quality lumber available, because you deserve the best. Slap it, slide it, cover it in the tears of your foes, a Claw & Crown dice tray is built to handle any wild magic you throw at it.

A Legendary Work of Art

No matter your path, you will receive a one-of-a-kind hard wood dice tray built for you. Take home one of our C&C dice trays to show off your gaming pride. Or, if you're ready to forge a legendary dice tray of your own, go with our custom option. 

We have designers ready to make your ideas a reality. Surprise your DM, immortalize your family crest, or just slap an epic dragon on it. Our team will guide you through the custom design process to create a dice tray like no other. 

Protective Rolling Surface

Every Claw & Crown dice tray includes a clear rubber bottom with self-restoring properties. This stealthy and solid rubberized bottom will auto-repair, so any small dents or gashes will disappear over time. It’s like having a personal healer at all times, and the best part is you can hardly see it! 

The clear bottom surface looks like glass on the rolling surface of the dice tray, allowing for the beautiful character of the wood and design to show through, while also protecting the wood from the torment of your dice. This surface stands up to even the heaviest of metal dice.