The Jeeves Trading Card Cabinet

***Limited production is scheduled to begin in Sept 24!!!
Full production to begin January 2025

Sale price$3,750.00

Introducing The Jeeves Trading Card Cabinet. This handcrafted hardwood luxury cabinet is designed with your collection in mind. With the finest materials and exquisite attention to detail, it will protect and elevate your cards for generations to come.

Standard: 38-½” wide x 17-½” deep x 33-½” tall
24 - Card Drawers; 2 - Deck Drawers; 1 - Mat Drawer

Wide: 55-¾” wide x 17-½” deep x 33-½” tall
44 - Card Drawers; 2 - Deck Drawers; 1 - Mat Drawer

Size: Standard
Material: Oak

The Perfect Place For Your Priceless Collection

Experience the epitome of protection and organization with the Claw & Crown Butler's Trading Card Storage Cabinets. Each cabinet is a masterpiece, featuring unique handcrafted details and a one-of-a-kind wood grain. Designed to be the perfect sanctuary for your card and gaming accessories, these cabinets are not just storage solutions, but also stunning centerpieces that will showcase your collection in all its glory.

Crafted from The Finest Materials

Our cabinets are not just about appearance; they're about substance. Crafted from top-quality solid wood and hand-selected hardwood, each Butler's Trading Card Storage Cabinet is built to last for generations. So you can rest assured that your collection will be protected from the wear and tear of even the most curious beats and environments. 

We only use sustainably sourced FAS grade lumber, the highest quality lumber available, because you deserve the best.

Secure Your Bounty

All three cabinet drawers offer unique storage options for your cards or accessories. 

Card Drawer: 2-¾” wide x 15” deep x 4-¼” tall
Each of our card drawers stores over 1,000 unsleeved cards. They also include a magnetic card stopper and clear acrylic card separators, giving you endless ways to display your cards. 

Deck drawer: 7-¼” wide x 15” deep x 9-¾” tall
These drawers are the perfect size to store your custom deck boxes or even a great place to store your unopened decks to keep them in pristine condition.

Mat Drawer: 33-¼” wide x 15” deep x 4-¼” tall
This extra wide drawer is an excellent size to store playmats rolled up, tubed or laid flat. 

Timeless Style & Solid Construction

Elegant Hardware with Label Area